MASV takes GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance very seriously and we have implemented a number of measures to ensure our application is compliant and we are careful with your data.  Here is our approach:

  • MASV stores data in the same region in which it is uploaded.  If you are located in the EU your data will be routed to the closest storage location to you as the uploader.  For EU to EU deliveries the data never leaves which ensures your data is not routing through other countries.

  • MASV runs on AWS which is a highly compliant solution for GDPR with industry leading facility security and data practices.  We follow all the best practices for data security and we review our code base for security vulnerabilities on a continuous basis

  • We have reviewed the analytics and cookie services we leverage for the main website and our application to ensure they are all GDPR compliant and we removed any analytics services that were infrequently used and were not required for the product to function.  Any analytics tools used are used to improve the user experience of our product and we only pass non-identifiable information to these tools to analyze trends of product usage.

  • Our privacy policy and terms of service is up to date and easy to understand. 

  • We have a short 7 day* default storage period for your data which is fully customizable and we offer the ability to permanently delete the data you wish to remove from our service.  We also support requests for account deletion within 72 hours where any and all data generated by users can be permanently removed from our system including any third party tools we use in our service that may have collected data from you during the course of using our product. 

  • All data transferred through our system is encrypted in-flight and at-rest. We offer numerous security features to our users to further guarantee the security of their deliveries. 

From our interpretation of the GDPR policy we believe the above measures err on the overly compliant.  MASV is a service that consistently deals with sensitive content and it has always been our goal to provide a highly secure and a system that respects our users and their customers or recipients privacy.  For more information please reach out to us on chat or at [email protected] 

*Some customers may be on a 10 days free storage period plan

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