Can I recover a deleted or expired file package?

MASV does not keep copies of deleted or expired files--here's why

Every so often, we will get the following questions from customers:

"Hey I sent this file 2 months ago, can you reactivate the link?"

"I deleted some files or my hard drive crashed. Do you have a copy of my files?

"The files were just deleted or the expiration date was 5 minutes ago."

"A package was deleted while my download was in progress, can you help?"

The simple answer is no.

Expired or deleted file packages are immediately deleted from our servers. We do this for a few reasons:

  1. Security: Limiting the storage duration is one way of providing security. After files are deleted or expired in MASV, they are truly gone. For example, if someone gets access to your MASV emails which have download links, expiry dates reduce the risk of unwanted access or extra downloads.

  2. Storage adds expense. To keep our file transfer fees as low as possible, we limit storage to 10 days, but you can reduce this for security reasons or extend it for a reasonable fee.

Can I add storage if I need it?

Yes, of course! If you need temporary storage beyond the free 10 days, you can opt to remove the default expiry date or set a longer period of time. MASV charges $0.10/GB/month.

For more information, see How do I change the expiry date for a MASV file transfer?