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What are the permissions for Owner, Admins, and Members of your team?

Teammate roles explained

Each member of a team will have one of three roles as detailed below:


The owner has full authority/permissions over all the tasks. As an owner you can:

  • Send files to anyone.

  • Receive files (Portals).

  • Add/remove/modify portals.

  • Add/remove users from the team.

  • View the transfer history records of all team members.

  • View cost for each item transferred (under history tab).

  • View Invoice history / saved credit card on file.

  • View billing metrics (on settings page).

  • Add/change credit card.

  • Change team name and subdomain.

  • Toggle notifications for recipients of a sent-package or incoming Portal delivery.

  • Limit the number of downloads.

  • Apply custom expiry dates to packages.

  • Integrate with other apps.

  • Manage cloud integrations.

  • Attach cloud integrations to portals.


The admin has the same authority/permissions as the owner, except:

  • View Invoice history / saved credit card on file.

  • Add/change the credit card information.

  • Change team name and sub-domain.


A member is allowed to send files only and cannot access any other owner or admin functions. This is optimal for employees you wish to reduce the complexity of the app for and don't want them to be able to change system settings. 


A guest cannot access any admin or owner functions, and can only interact with private portals that they have been granted access to within the team. This role is intended for granting external users limited access to a team's packages and portals.