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How to upload to Frame.io with MASV

MASV integrates with Frame.io

Frame.io joins the ever-growing list of cloud services that can be connected to your MASV Portal(s). Getting started is a snap - simply connect your Frame.io account with MASV under Cloud Integrations Page and then link it with your Portal(s). Here's how to do it:

Creating A Developer Token

Frame.io developer tokens

Head over to https://developer.frame.io/ and sign in with your Frame.io credentials. Then, click Tokens > New. On the next page, write a friendly name for your token and select the following permissions:

  • Accounts: read

  • Teams: read

  • Projects: read

  • Assets: delete, create, update, read

Here's a screenshot:

Frame.io Tokens selection

Click Create and your token will be created and displayed on the next page. Make sure you copy the token because it will only be shown once.

Integrating MASV With Frame.io

Sign in to your MASV team and click Cloud Integrations. Please note that you need to be MASV Team Admin or Owner to access this page. On the Cloud Integration Page, click Add Integration button and choose Frame.io from the drop-down list.

MASV add frame.io integration

On the next screen, give your integration a name, paste the developer token that you created, and click Verify. Once the token is verified, you will be able to choose your Account, Team, and Project where you want MASV to deliver your files. Once you have chosen your settings, click Create and your integration will be established and added to the Cloud Integration list.

MASV integration list within App

Connecting To A Portal

Head over to Receive Files page in your MASV Account. You can either choose to Edit an existing Portal or Create a new Portal for your integration.

Under Cloud Integration section in Portal Settings, click, Select Integrations, and choose Frame.io from the pup-up box. Click Update Portal.

That's it! Your integration is set. Now every time you receive a delivery in that Portal, MASV will automatically transfer it to Frame.io.