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What is a MASV Team?

What is a MASV Team? Who uses MASV Teams and why? 

MASV Team is a feature built for easy user-management, especially if you are working on multiple projects and production crews. Now, instead of sharing your MASV login credentials with the people working in your office (or remotely), you can invite each member to your MASV team and give them permission to access the transfers.

You can also assign roles to the team members and restrict their access to features such as billing information, changing team name and subdomain, adding/removing team members etc.

You can create or join as many teams as you want. By default, every MASV user that signs up without a team invite, has his own personal team which he/she can use for personal transfers. For example, you can use your personal team to send personal transfers, while you can be a member of your office team, and can be a manager of your side hustle team where you collaborate with others.

Based on your role in the team, the billing and invoicing will be shown under each team’s dashboard.