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What products does MASV have?

The MASV Ecosystem

MASV has three main components:


MASV Web App

This is where it all starts. Set up an account in less than five minutes and you’re ready to start sending files. For simple, reliable, fast and secure transfers, this might be all you need.

What can you do in the MASV Web App?

  • Send files and folders—any *size, any number. Recipients don't need a MASV account.

  • Set up MASV Portals that let you send and receive files in a trackable, organized way.

  • Collect files from anyone--no MASV account required for people who send you files via your Portals.

  • Integrate MASV with cloud services (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Dropbox, Wasabi... 

  • Integrate MASV with industry-standard tools like Frame.io, Iconik, MediaSilo, SharePoint...

  • Integrate MASV with storage devices (NAS, SAN, …)
  • Manage your profile and your team, review account and app settings, set user access and security options.

  • Monitor your usage get detailed billing reports.

*Individual file size limit of 15 TB.

MASV Desktop App

The MASV Desktop App extends what you can do with MASV. It offers additional features that boost performance and automation. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What can you do in the MASV Desktop App?

  • Faster sending and receiving of files—up to 10 Gbps.
  • Automate sending and receiving files with Watch Folders.
  • Multiconnect to pool bandwidth from different devices with channel bonding technology—perfect if you’re in the field trying to send files.
  • Manage bandwidth: Control how much bandwidth is used when, and set priority for bandwidth usage. Pause and resume transfers with checkpoints that resume from where you left off.
  • Persistent transfers: Automatically resume transfers in the event of a network interruption.
  • Transfer integrity verification: Checksum ensures that what is sent is exactly what is received.


Looking to integrate MASV into your existing workflow tools? The MASV API offers easy ways to build MASV into your existing workflow—including options to integrate the cross-platform MASV Agent or browser-based MASV Web Uploader. Explore the MASV Developer Documentation for ideas and technical details.