MASV Cloud Connect is the place where you can connect and manage all your cloud integrations. These integrations are designed to help you move your data to and from your cloud buckets using MASV. Once integrated, the cloud buckets can be attached to Portals to receive incoming deliveries directly to the bucket.

To connect your cloud bucket, head over to MASV Cloud Connect page from the menu on the left.

If this is your first time integrating MASV with a cloud, you'll be presented with a grid showing all available cloud storage services. Simply click on one of the storage services you want to integrate with and you'll be presented with the form to fill out. Here is an example of a from for AWS S3 bucket:

Here are FAQ articles on all the services that we currently support:

  1. Amazon S3 and any other S3 compatible cloud.

  2. Box.

  3. Google Cloud.

  4. Backblaze B2.

  5. Wasabi.

  6. Digital Ocean.

  7. MinIO.

Once the cloud service has been connected, you'll be able to see its status on the Cloud Connect. From there, you can edit the settings and delete the cloud integrations.

All the cloud services will be visible under Deliver To Cloud Section for each of the Portal that you own and create. Make sure to add the desired cloud service and MASV will send the future incoming Portal deliveries directly to the cloud bucket.

Note: MASV Cloud Connect currently only works with incoming Portal deliveries. We are planning to roll out the feature to our Send Files feature as well.

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