How do I create a Portal

Setting up Portals to receive files from your clients

Portal is a way to receive files from your clients or colleagues. You can create as many Portals as you want, each with a different branding, name, and message. Here's how you can create one:

Click the Receive Files button inside the expandable menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Click on Create A New Portal button on the right hand side of the page.

On the New Portal card, fill out the following fields: 


This is the name used to identify your Portal and will be used in the History section and notification emails sent to you and your clients who upload to the Portal.


This is the Portal URL which will be used by your clients to access your custom Portal. You can share it via email or other communication methods.


Email address(es) where you want to receive email notifications whenever an upload is done on the Portal.

The field is not visible to the client. Please note that if the field is left blank, there would be no emails sent about the activity in the Portal. However, all the transfers will be still accessed via the Packages > Received page.

Upload Password

An optional password which you can set (and share with your clients) to make sure only the people with the Upload Password can access your Portal.

Download Password

An optional password which you can set (and share with your Portal recipients) to make sure only the people with the Download Password can download the deliveries sent to that specific Portal. Please note that this password field is different from the Upload Password field and will be visible only to those who access the deliveries sent to the Portal.

Background Image

A background image to reflect your brand or something related to the project. This will be seen by anyone who accesses the Portal via the Domain URL.


A logo to reflect your or your client's organization. This logo will be shown on email notifications as well.

Accent Color

A color to match the logo and buttons. In addition to being displayed on your Portal, the Accent Color will be displayed on delivery emails as well.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, you can click 'Create Portal' and your Portal will be displayed in the list of available Portals.

Here, you will be able to see the Portal URL which your clients can use to access your Portal.

Custom Form

A form that MASV shows in the Portal that a sender fills in. MASV includes this metadata with the files that they send to you. You can use this information to track your transfers or integrate with your media asset management (MAM) system.