Getting and Integrating Metadata

MASV can include metadata as JSON, CSV, or XML files in the packages that you receive from a Portal.

When you download a package that you have received from a Portal, MASV includes metadata as JSON, CSV, or XML files in the package folder. You can also configure a Portal's Custom Form to send metadata in the email notifications you receive.

💡 You can include metadata with your packages by upgrading your MASV plan.

You can also view custom metadata in Transfer History > Sent: Select a package, select Package Details, then select View Metadata. View Metadata isn't available for packages sent with no custom form.

A screenshot of metadata in Package Details for a package in Transfer History.

Using Metadata with a Cloud Integration

If a Portal is connected to a cloud integration, MASV transfers the metadata files to the connected cloud storage along with the files that were sent to you. If the cloud integration is a Media Asset Manager (MAM), like Iconik or Reach Engine, the metadata is automatically added to the MAM's database.

You can disable or enable metadata transfer to the MAM with Sync metadata with Media Asset Manager when creating or editing an integration in Cloud Integrations.

Sync metadata with Media Asset Manager