How do I Transfer by Priority?

The Desktop app can transfer higher priority packages before packages with lower priority.

You can choose which uploads and downloads to transfer by their priority in the MASV Desktop app. The Desktop app transfers higher priority packages before packages with lower priority.

💡 Or you can choose the exact order to transfer files. The Transfer by Order setting lets you specify the order to transfer each package. This is useful when a collaborator needs a package urgently. It’s also useful when you have limited bandwidth and need to control which transfers go first.

Transfer by Priority is useful when sending many packages at the same time and you want more important packages to arrive before lower priority packages. 

It’s also useful when receiving files from Portals. You can decide which Portals get higher priority when setting up Watch Folders. Because it’s automated, you don’t have to manually set the priority. 

For example, if the deadline is soon for the Second Unit project, you can give a higher priority for its Portal’s automation. This way, the Desktop app will download new transfers from Second Unit before other projects.

Setting Priorities of Transfers

The lists for Sending and Receiving transfers are ordered from Highest to Lowest priority. You can change a transfer’s priority by selecting the dropdown menu in the Priority column. 

Screenshot of the MASV Desktop app's Sending transfers with the Priority column.

The Desktop app transfers all packages with the same priority at the same time. The priorities for Sending and Receiving are independent of each other. In other words, the Desktop app doesn’t wait for all uploads and downloads with the same priority to finish before starting lower-priority transfers.

Setting up Transfer by Priority

Switching from Transfer by Order to Transfer by Priority affects all current and new transfers. 

To set up Transfer by Priority:

  1. In the MASV Desktop app, select Settings from the top-right dropdown menu.
  2. In the Settings dialog, select Transfers then select Transfer By Priority.
  3. Close the Settings dialog by selecting the X in the top-right corner.