How to upload to Object Matrix

How to create the credentials in Object Matrix to be used with MASV Cloud Integrations

So you are here because you want to upload your files into your Object Matrix? Great.

Follow the below steps which will guide you through the Object Matrix interface.


  1. Log into the MatrixStore Admin as you normally would.


  2. Create a Vault, without spaces or special characters in the name. Your Vault name will be the Bucket Name in the MASV Cloud Integrations settings


  3. Create a user with sign-on disabled and grant them the level of access you require to the vault you have created (minimum Read, Search and Update Metadata but probably Write as well)


  4. Create a Key ID and Secret on this user


  5. Your endpoint URL will have been given to you when the system was deployed and is typically

Once you have all the details for your Object Matrix integration, you can now return to the MASV Cloud Integrations section and choose to add an Object Matrix integration.

Please ensure that when entering the Bucket name, this is the Vault name you selected from Step 2.


If you have any questions, please contact us over chat or