How to export and read your Export Billing Log reports

Exporting and understanding your Export Billing logs

The MASV Web App lets you export a billing log as a spreadsheet report (.CSV file).

When you export your billing logs, the report will look similar to the example screenshot below.


Billing logs include the following information:

  • Date/Time: When the transfer was sent.

  • Package ID: The unique ID for each recipient (downloader).

  • Package Name: Name of the transferred package.

  • Tag: A custom keyword that you can associate with a transfer. Tags can help you track specific transfers by project etc. for billing or other project management purposes. 
  • Teamspace: A Team subcategory that Team Owners use to manage security and access.
  • Source: Identifies the portal used (portal name). Packages sent without a portal show "Delivery".
  • Sender/User: Email of the person who initiated the transfer.

  • Type: 'Download' (some or all of the package data has been downloaded) or 'Not Downloaded' (the recipient has not downloaded any package data).

  • Data Amount:Total GB downloaded by the recipient.

  • Size:Total package size in GB uploaded by sender.

  • Estimated Cost: Total cost of transfer by recipient using our standard $0.25/GB cost (not reflective of your actual download rate).

  • Recipient IP: Location of downloader.

  • Duration: Time taken to download the file.

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To export your Billing Log Reports

  1. In the MASV Web App, as a Team Owner (role) select Features & Settings in the sidebar on the left.
  2. In the Team Settings area, select Billing.
  3. On the Billing page, do one of the following:
    • To export a log for the current month (to date), select the Export Billing Log button at the bottom of the page.
    • To export a log for a previous month, in the Invoices area, select the menu icon vertical-3-dot-menu-b in the Actions column for the invoice you want, and select Export Invoice Log from the menu.
The .CSV file is exported to your local download folder.