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How does 'Deliver To Cloud' feature work?

Just another way to receive your incoming Portal deliveries

MASV's 'Deliver To Cloud' feature helps you receive incoming Portal deliveries directly into your cloud bucket(s).

Just connect the Portal with the cloud service of your choice and we will send any incoming delivery through that Portal to your cloud bucket.

Once connected, any incoming delivery to your Portal will be sent directly to the cloud service. MASV handles everything automatically at the backend and sends you a confirmation email upon successful delivery to your bucket.

Which cloud storage services are currently supported?
Currently, we offer delivery services to the following cloud storage services:

  1. Amazon S3.

  2. Box.

  3. Google Cloud.

  4. Backblaze B2.

  5. Wasabi.

  6. Digital Ocean.

  7. MinIO.

  8. Any other S3 compatible cloud storage service.

Note: Only the cloud services configured under Cloud Integration page will be displayed. Learn more about configuring your storage services on Cloud Integration.