Every so often, we will get the following questions from customers:

"Hey I sent this file 2 months ago, can you reactivate the link?"

"I deleted some files or my hard drive crashed. Do you have a copy of my files?

However they may ask, the simple answer is no.

Once a package has expired or deleted, the files are immediately deleted from our servers. We do this for 2 reasons:

  1. Storing files is expensive and we already give you unlimited storage for a package for 10 days for free(even if the file is never downloaded).

  2. It's our company policy. We want you to be reassured that once your files are "deleted or expired", they truly are gone and not recoverable. That way if someone gets access to your MASV emails which has a download link, the package is no longer available.

If you need to keep your files around for longer, we already give you that option. By default we give you 10 days of free, unlimited storage. You can always change the Expiration date of any package on the Packages->Sent or Received page by clicking on the Change Delete Date or if you always want to keep files longer, you can do so on a global level on the Settings->Team page and change the Default Delete After field.

Packages that are kept on MASV after the 10 days free period, are charged at $0.10/GB/month (prorated per day) and MASV only ever charges for actual usage. So if you change the deletion date, but delete the package early, then you are only billed for the actual time after the 10 days it was stored.

Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding how to keep or delete files from MASV.

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