To export your Billing Log Reports, navigate to Settings, then to the Billing section of your MASV App:

MASV billing settings

Select the EXPORT BILLING LOG button to export your billing logs for the current billing period (this month) or Select the Export Logs icons to view previous billing period logs:

MASV export billing log

When you export your billing logs the report will look similar to the example screenshot below.

MASV Billing report

The report column definitions are as follows:

  • Date/Time - When the transfer was sent

  • Package ID - The unique ID for each recipient (downloader)

  • Package Name - Name of the transferred package

  • Sender - Email of person who initiated the transfer

  • Type - 'Downloaded' (some or all of the package data has been downloaded) or 'Not Downloaded' (the recipient has not downloaded any package data)

  • Data Amount - Total GB downloaded by recipient

  • Package Size - Total GB uploaded by sender

  • Cost - Total cost of transfer by recipient

  • Recipient IP - Location of downloader

  • Duration - Time taken to download file

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