How to Send Growing Files with MASV

Start transferring footage as soon as an event starts

You can send growing files with the MASV Desktop app. Growing files are files that are still recording to disk and growing in size during the file transfer.

Typically, growing files are recording live events such as sports or news from a location away from a studio. Sending growing files lets you start transferring footage as soon as the event starts, rather than waiting to transfer only after the event ends.

This saves time for the production crew, and lets the studio editors and reviewers get the footage faster.

MASV makes growing files available for download after the recording has ended and the file transfer is complete. MASV sends growing files via a Watch Folder automation. You may use either a Send automation, or a Send to Portal automation to upload growing files.

💡 The automation only monitors for files in the watch folder; it ignores folders and their contents.

You can add multiple files to the watch folder at any time. The growing files automation will automatically upload each new file as an individual transfer.

Growing files automation checks the file size of the growing file every 10 seconds, by default. If the file size does not change, the file is assumed to have stopped recording, and the transfer will end.

Example: Send to Portal

  1. Click Automations.
    Screenshot of Automations in the Desktop App

  2. Click Send to Portal.
    Screenshot of Send To Portal automation in the Desktop App

  3. Enter the required fields and then enable Send growing files option.
    Screenshot of the Send Growing Files option

  4. In the Settings section, you can adjust the period of the file size check:
    Screenshot of settings for growing files

  5. You may optionally specify a list of file names or file patterns to detect within the watch folder.
    Only these files will be uploaded, and all non-matching files will be ignored.Screenshot of specifying which growing files to send
  6. Click Continue to go to the next step.
  7. Enter your email address and an optional message, then click Create.
    Screenshot of the optional email address

    The automation is ready. The watch folder will be monitored automatically.

Checking the Status of Growing Files Transfers

When a growing files automation starts a new transfer, it appears in the Sending screen.

Screenshot of transfer progress for a growing file

A growing files transfer is indicated by the camera icon in the Type column.

The Status displays a striped progress bar, the amount of data transferred so far, and the current transfer speed. 

💡 Because the final size of the growing file is unknown during its recording, the ETA is displaying the remaining time to transfer its current size but this changes as the file grows. When the recording ends, the ETA will display a more accurate time to completion.