Beta Release Notes

Release Notes for MASV Beta Desktop App

Now Available: Simpler File Transfer with the New MASV Beta Desktop App (Mac, Windows & Linux)

The new MASV Desktop app makes it even easier and more reliable to send and receive files using MASV. People love MASV for its ability to send enormous files and folders through the browser with no plugins, no software, no subscriptions and no headaches.

But when you start sending the really big files, there are significant benefits of using a desktop app that retries relentlessly, thus working around network problems that will occasionally arise when sending huge files over the Web. And so the MASV Desktop App was born.

MASV Beta comes with the latest and greatest features that MASV has to offer; from internal optimizations that will squeeze even more out of your bandwidth, to game-changers like automatically downloading files from all portals using a single automation.

What's new in v2.8.38

Released: May 28th, 2024

New features:
  • Added support for uploading to Portals with Rules
  • Added an option to auto-resume transfers when the app starts to General settings
  • Package ID is displayed for all transfers

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed download dialog not loading a download link when the app starts
  • Fixed "Save and restart" button on the Proxy settings menu
  • Fixed inaccurate file size estimates on the file picker for certain file systems
  • Fixed app not starting if there's a file permission issue with one of the app's config files

What's new in v2.8.18

Released: March 7th, 2024

New features:
  • Added a dedicated "Open folder" button for downloads
  • Improved user experience for password-protected download links

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed layout issues caused by a warning banner
  • Added automatic retries for file-locking errors on Windows that were causing some transfers to fail immediately

What's new in v2.8.13

Released: February 14th, 2024

New features:
  • Added tooltips to the top navigation buttons

Bug fixes:

  • Download destination folder is now properly filled when the app is launched via the browser's Download page
  • Modified the default height of the download dialog to make it fit smaller screens without needing to scroll

What's new in v2.8.11

Released: February 6th, 2024

New features:
  • Logging in and signing up are now done completely through the browser
  • Added the ability to import settings forward from the standard MASV Desktop App

Bug fixes:

  • Improved error handling and messaging around Automations when a user is logged out
  • Automations no longer retry indefinitely when a portal is deleted
  • Security patches and dependency updates
  • Dropped support for macOS 10.13.5 and older

What's new in v2.8.0

Released: December 6th, 2023

New features:
  • Added support for uploading to Teamspaces
  • Added the option to download from all Portals with a single Portal Download automation
  • Added Korean language support
  • Improved pagination performance
  • Improved download efficiency by reducing the number of requests made behind the scenes
  • New look and feel