Release Notes

Release Notes for MASV Desktop App

Now Available: Simpler File Transfer with the New MASV Desktop App (Mac, Windows & Linux)

The new MASV Desktop app makes it even easier and more reliable to send and receive files using MASV. People love MASV for its ability to send enormous files and folders through the browser with no plugins, no software, no subscriptions and no headaches.

But when you start sending the really big files, there are significant benefits of using a desktop app that retries relentlessly, thus working around network problems that will occasionally arise when sending huge files over the Web. And so the MASV Desktop App was born.

What's new in v2.8.0

Released: April 2nd, 2024

New features:
  • Assign a Teamspace any time an upload is created
  • Log in entirely through the browser, which supports MFA
  • Download Automations can pull from all Portals within a team
  • Korean language support
  • Improved performance for pagination and sorting
  • New fonts and icons
  • Redesigned UI for dashboard, transfer history, and automations
  • Replaced password field with a prompt to make password-protected links easier to work with
  • Reduced default height of download dialog to make it fit without scrolling
  • Added Open Folder action button to downloads
Bug fixes:
  • Updated dependency versions and internal settings to address potential vulnerabilities
  • Raised minimum MacOS support to 10.13.6
  • Fixed temporary UI issues after resizing the app window
  • Fixed speed limits on Windows behaving inconsistently
  • Fixed automation form data sticking around after the dialog is closed
  • Fixed panic and silent restart when retrying failed transfers
  • Fixed download dialog not preloading settings when the app first launches

What's new in v2.7.14

Released: December 5th, 2023

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that caused retried uploads to stall indefinitely if "Transfer by Order" was enabled

What's new in v2.7.13

Released: November 29th, 2023

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed speed limits above 300 Mbps not working properly on Windows
  • Fixed "Clear all complete transfers" taking a long time to execute
  • Fixed credit tracker appearing up for users who don't use credits
  • Fixed errors appearing when two or more uploads send the same files at the same time
  • Fixed automations screen sometimes locking up while automations run in the background
  • Fixed inconsistent ordering when Transfer by Order is enabled and there are 100+ in-progress transfers
  • Fixed "Unlimited storage" setting not updating properly for Send Automations with Growing Files enabled
  • Fixed transfers sometimes having inconsistent states after an unexpected shutdown
  • Fixed "Pause All" not applying to recently added transfers when there are 100+ in-progress transfers
  • Fixed automations being deleted even after responding "No" to the confirmation prompt
  • Updated translations and help links
  • Various security updates and reliability improvements


What's new in v2.7.5

Released: September 26th, 2023

Bug fixes:

  • Optimized file verification, boosting performance for downloads with thousands of small files or image sequences
  • Fixed an issue with large Transfer History causing slow transfer speed
  • Cancelling an upload that was finalized outside of the app no longer deletes the package
  • Fixed formatting glitch when displaying transfer ETA

What's new in v2.7.0

Released: August 29th, 2023

New features:

  • Added support for uploading growing files


What's new in v2.6.57

Released: August 9th, 2023

New features:

  • Added advanced troubleshooting tools

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed "chunkExtras count mismatch" upload errors
  • Fixed "file is being used by another process" download errors
  • Fixed ".tmp file not found" download errors
  • Fixed "verified chunk set is not complete" upload errors
  • Fixed a masv-service panic related to reordering transfers
  • Fixed file watcher issue on Mac
  • Fixed intermittent database corruptions during app shutdown
  • Fixed all automation switches being disabled for guest users
  • Fixed email recipients not being editable for Send Automations
  • Fixed masv-service.exe sometimes not exiting properly on Windows

What's new in v2.6.49

Released: July 18th, 2023

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused some downloads to fail at 99% with a "[file] is being used by another process" error

What's new in v2.6.48

Released: July 12th, 2023

New features:

  • Optimized file handles, giving both uploads and downloads better performance on slower disks

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that stalled the app when booting in some cases
  • Fixed uploads stalling when attempting to upload a lot of (100k+) files
  • Fixed inaccurate interface speeds when Multiconnect is enabled
  • Fixed an error message that appeared after deleting an old, incomplete transfer despite the delete being successful
  • Added a error messages when an incorrect password is entered for a download link


What's new in v2.6.40

Released: June 29th, 2023

New features:

  • Added an optional HTTP mode in Proxy Settings

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Disk Optimization that caused some transfers to hang on Windows


What's new in v2.6.30

Released: June 6th, 2023

New features:

  • Disk write optimization: A new optional setting that makes the app download files serially or in parallel depending on the destination drive's performance
  • Added support for the upcoming Guest role

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented tags from loading properly when switching between teams
  • Fixed an issue where an email validation error was shown in the automation form even when a valid email was added
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused uploads to get stuck at 100% without the option to cancel


What's new in v2.6.27

Released: May 17, 2023

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused some downloads to pause and not resume again
  • Fixed a UI issue where the last items were sometimes truncated in the Automations list
  • Fixed a UI issue where the sorting order would automatically reset in the Automations list
  • Fixed a UI issue where download links with spaces at the end would not automatically load the package contents


What's new in v2.6.20
Released: April 18, 2023
New features:

  • Credit tracker: Sign in to see how many credits remain in your account in real-time
  • Require download passwords: Enable the 'Require download password' team setting on to make 'Download password' a required field in the Send form
  • We lifted the 1000 file display limit on the Download dialog and the Transfer contents dialog

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented speed limits from being applied for some users


What's new in v2.6.13
Released: March 14, 2023
New features:

  • Transfer by order added: You can specify how many uploads or downloads may be active at a time, as well as reorder their position in the queue. By default, older transfers are completed first. Available in Settings > Transfers.
  • New dock icon on the Mac version 
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that caused intermittent "Failed to contact the service" errors

What's new in v2.6.7
Released: Feb 13, 2023
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed rare instances of finalized requests being retried indefinitely in the background instead of showing an upload error
  • Password rules displayed in the Signup form are now properly translated


What's new in v2.6.1

Release Jan 18, 2023

New Features:

  • The internal Electron version has been upgraded
  •  The macOS version is now a universal app (Intel + Apple Silicon)
  • Increased resiliency for creating files/folders: many common disk errors are automatically retried
  • Increased individual file size limit to 15 TB

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed portal URLs not being shown when editing a Receive automation
  • Fixed custom metadata and zero-sized files appearing as "not verified"
  • Fixed unnecessary delay when downloading verified packages with custom metadata
  • Fixed speed limits not being enforced for the first few seconds of a transfer
  • Fixed the app not booting for several minutes if proxy settings are misconfigured
  • Fixed uploads and downloads appearing as "not verified" if paused repeatedly while transferring
  • Fixed masv-service crashing when attempting to start an upload if it can't access one of the selected folders


What's new in v2.5.37

Released: Nov 23rd, 2022

New Features:

  • The settings UI has been reorganized to make things easier to find
  • "Show transfer contents" now displays which files have verified checksums

Bug fixes:

  • The app now waits for up to 10 minutes for checksum information to be available before starting a download to ensure the integrity of each package
  • Fixed an issue affecting transfer priorities for downloads

What's new in v2.5.29

Released: Oct 27th, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused users to be logged out
  • Fixed an issue that caused a contact service error

What's new in v2.5.23

Released: Oct. 18, 2022

New Features:

  • Internationalization: The app now offers a fully translated UI. Supported languages are: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Norwegian. The app automatically matches the device’s language, and it can also be set manually in Settings > General
  • Storage speed test: A new tool that helps diagnose bottlenecks by running a speed test in a given folder.  Found in Settings > Speed


What's new in v2.5.20

Released: Sept. 27, 2022

New Features:
  • Proxy settings: A new tab in the Settings dialog allows managing the app's proxy configuration
  • Portal history: The app now remembers portal subdomains that have been entered in the past, similar to email recipients
  • No parent folder for downloads: Downloads now have the option to be extracted directly into the destination folder; there's a new global setting to set the default behavior
  • The Action icons in the transfers list have been collapsed into a dropdown

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused uploads to get stuck if the same folder was added more than once
  • Fixed an issue with the shareable link dialog that caused it to display expired links

What's new in v2.5.15

Released September 7, 2022

New Features:

  • File picker: The download dialog has a file picker that supports choosing which files to include in each transfer

  • Transfer contents: Any transfer in the dashboard has the option to display the files that were downloaded or uploaded with it

  • Native Mac menu improvements: The Mac menu has an extended list of options and keyboard shortcuts, including Hide (CMD + H)

  • Settings: The settings page is now a dialog

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed a UI issue where the header could become truncated

  • It is no longer possible to create an infinite loop with upload and download automations

  • It is no longer possible to start an upload before the selected files have finished loading

  • The speed footer panel will stay pinned after going to the Automations screen and back

  • Fixed an error message with JavaScript text (sometimes) popping up after quitting the app

What's new in v2.5.1

Released: July 20, 2022

New Features:

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to email confirmation

  • Made a change that prevents the Windows installer from being flagged as malware by certain antivirus programs

What's new in v2.3.100

Released: July 5, 2022

New Features:

  • Adjusted the UI for the 10Gbps mode

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed a bug that caused speed limits over 200Mbps to incur lower speeds than specified

  • Fixed a bug that caused slow upload speeds for packages with a lot of files under 100MB

  • Fixed a Windows bug that sometimes prevented masv-service from being properly updated

What's new in v2.3.92

Released: Jun 5, 2022

New Features:

  • Added Speed Preferences and support for transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where large file downloads would sometimes stall

  • Fixed an issue that prevented existing automations from showing up in the list

What's new in v2.3.86

Released: May 25, 2022

New Features:

  • Automatic file integrity checks for files transferred using the desktop app

  • Support for new unlimited storage feature

  • Support for package tagging feature

  • Send UI now shows cost estimates for extended storage

Fixed Bugs:

  • Modified the language of the "Remove" and "Clear All" buttons to emphasize that they don't delete files

  • Fixed a false positive error message in the email selector

What's new in v2.3.70

Released: Mar 16, 2022

New Features:

  • MASV servers have malware detection. You now have the option to download unaffected files in a package containing files flagged as malware

  • The desktop app no longer requires retyping of a password if redirected from the web app

  • Settings page now displays path of the app database file

Fixed Bugs:

  • Network proxy settings are now respected.

  • Fixed an issue where redirecting a download from the web app to the Mac app wasn’t starting.

What's new in v2.3.69

Released: Feb 22, 2022

New Features:

  • Transfer Priority allows configuration of the order of transfers, so important transfers can be completed sooner

  • Shareable link is emailed to the sender of an upload for future reference

  • The desktop app now has links to the web app and package details for easier management

  • New “Transferred” column displays the progress of transfers in size

  • Convenient MASV shortcuts added to Windows file browser under “Send to” in right-click context menu

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where transfers failed with message “database is locked”

What's new in v2.3.66

Released: Jan 21, 2022

  • Fixed an issue in the previous version where the Show Link button stopped working, but the shareable link dialog still showed up for new uploads

What's new in v2.3.63

Released: Jan 18, 2022

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the desktop app from launching on some Windows systems

  • The team download limit setting is now properly followed by the desktop app

  • The installer now prevents rollback to earlier versions

What's new in v2.3.53

Released: September 21, 2021

  • Added the ability to schedule download and upload rate limits with granular time-of-day controls

  • Added support for generating download links as soon your uploads start

  • Added pagination to the list of transfers to improve the stability of the app when the list is very long

  • Made forms in the app easier to navigate using the Tab key

  • Fixed an issue where passwords and access limits were not enforced in download links if the package was not emailed directly to the recipient

  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

What's new in v2.3.45

Released: September 21, 2021

  • Added an optional setting to Receive Automations that allows files to be downloaded directly to the destination folder without creating extra folders to contain them

  • Fixed a visual bug where transfer would appear to get stuck at 100%

  • Added clear communication about our 15TB individual file limit (but packages are limitless!)

  • Fixed random error messages appearing on reboot on some M1 devices

  • Added an advanced section to our error dialogs that gives quick access to debugging information

  • For our Mac users, creating new folders when setting up Automations is now possible

What's new in v2.3.37

Released: September 1, 2021

  • Fixed last email recipient getting discarded in Send Automations

  • Allow editing the name of existing Automations

  • Added support for new password rules on signup form

What's new in v2.3.35

Released: August 11, 2021

  • Fixed downloads triggered by the browser breaking the app if the Automations view was open

  • Added a lockout message when a user requests to download a password-protected link with an invalid password too many times

  • Added "New Feature Request" link to settings dropdown

  • Fixed copy/paste behavior for email addresses in upload form on Windows. Also enforce email validation for both typed and pasted email addresses.

  • Fixed update prompts stacking on top of each other

  • Added a character limit to Package Name input fields

  • Removed padding that appeared and moved everything to the left when a confirmation prompt opens

  • Enforce email validation for portal uploads

  • Fixed spelling error in Dashboard tooltip (Chnage -> Change)

What's new in v2.3.29

Released: July 6, 2021

  • Added column picker functionality. Now you can choose which columns to display on the transfer list. Wohoo!

What's new in v2.3.22

Released: June 15, 2021

  • Fixed issue where empty directories are not retained when sending a portal package.

  • Fixed issue where disabled automations could still run.

  • Downloading a single file from a package reflects the correct file size, instead of total package size.

What's new in v2.3.12

Released: May 21, 2021

  • Fixed an issue causing slow downloads in certain scenarios (Windows 10, NAS or mechanical HDD).


What's new in v2.3.11

Released: May 20, 2021

  • File download order is now less randomized; files are downloaded to completion before other files are queued up

  • Fix issue on Mac caused by Mac's handling for files starting wit ._ in their name

  • Send automations will now always send packages that lack the prefixes [Uploading] and [Complete]

  • Fix send folder automation renaming to append (n) if a duplicate exists

  • Fix issue on Mac with watch folders not triggering new transfer after the first upload completes

  • Add file locking for files being uploaded on Windows to prevent files being modified during upload

  • Drag and dropping files into Send Dialog now works as expected

  • Flashing login screen. Good for the disco, bad for the app UX. No longer flashes

  • Forgot password form email validation now works as expected

What's new in v2.3.6

Released: April 19, 2021

  • Added support for Ubuntu (18.04/20.04) and CentOS (7/8)

  • Redesigned upload experience

  • Redesigned portal upload experience

  • Redesigned settings menu

  • Redesigned automations experience

  • New clear all icons that provide clear intent of the button

  • Fixed clear all button to only remove completed transfers

  • Fixed issue where the continue button on portal upload automation would cause the window to load infinitely

  • Fixed database errors that appear during a transfer that cause that transfer to fail

What's new in v2.2.42

Released: March 16, 2021

  • Fixed clear all button not working in certain cases, showing an error message instead

  • Fixed automations not working if user hasn't used the app for a long period of time

  • Strong password requirements on signup form

  • Fixed issue causing automations to fail or work unexpectedly

  • Tray icon changes for Linux app release (should not affect Win/Mac)

  • Fixed issue where settings cannot be loaded when device is offline

  • Triggered cleanup of orphan metadata in the database and make sure no more build up occurs

What's new in v2.2.40

Released: February 23, 2021

  • Fixed an issue causing excessive memory/CPU utilization in certain cases

What's new in v2.2.39

Released: February 9, 2021

  • Added a button to clear all completed transfers (finally!)

  • Graceful handling for automatic update failures

  • Progress publishing API implementation

  • Minor bug fixes related to automations (changing path and post-fixing existing folders)

What's new in v2.2.34

Released: January 21, 2021

  • Fixed issue causing app not to launch properly on MacOS if user's home directory path has a space

  • Consistent email validation across all fields, with whitespace trimming

  • Better indicators for enabled/disabled automations

What's new in v2.2.31

Released: January 7, 2021

  • Happy new year! First update of the 2021 with high hopes for everyone!

  • Fixed a couple of issues related to watch folder automations when uploading single files (.DS_store files getting uploaded and [Uploading] tag isn't removed from file names)

  • Improved automation polling to get as close as possible to configured timeout. Automations should trigger now within 10 seconds of the configured timeout

  • Fix issue where setting package name suffix for send automations is not persisted

  • Fix issue where creating send automation fails if team settings have extended storage disabled

What's new in v2.2.26

Released: December 12, 2020

  • Fixed a major bug causing file corruption on downloads when pause/resume functionality is used

  • Option to send top-level individual files as packages in watch folder automations

  • Ability to specify list of file/dir names to ignore for watch folder automations (with glob pattern support)

  • Enable users to modify existing automation watch folder paths

What's new in v2.2.22

Released: November 25, 2020

  • Ability to specify start date and time for portal download automation

  • Fixed a lot of glitches in the Matrix that would pop up randomly, especially for slower connections

  • Fix a bug preventing the app from launching in certain cases

  • Watch-folder automation folder uniqueness is now enforced

  • More error logging for everyone!

  • Fixed a bug where form fields wasn't retained when pressing back button during automation setup

  • Fixed a bug with infinite loading when entering an incorrect portal for portal automation upload

  • Fixed a bug with infinite loading when entering an incorrect portal for portal automation upload

What's new in v2.2.20

Released: November 10, 2020

  • Fixed an issue which prevented changing portal upload automation settings after creating them

  • Fixed an issue where some automations won't trigger in a timely fashion when user is not logged in

What's new in v2.2.15

Released: November 3, 2020

  • Fixed wrong transfer engine shipped in yesterday's release. Oopsies!

What's new in v2.2.14

Released: November 2, 2020

  • Indicate the source of transfer (automation vs user-initiated).

  • Fix downloads on Windows for certain files with special characters from other operating systems.

  • Performance optimization when downloading larger files on Windows.

  • Better transfer progress monitoring and reporting.

  • Enhanced error reporting and handling.

  • More robust email validation.

  • Better handling for changing teams/accounts.

  • Other enhancements and bugfixes.

What's new in v2.2.9

Released: October 7, 2020

  • Better bandwidth distribution between active transfers.

  • Ability to retry failed transfers in certain cases.

  • The upload dialog box remembers the last chosen send method (email or link).

  • Fixed a bug where certain transfers won't get deleted properly.

  • Fixed an issue on Windows which caused automated updates to fail in certain cases.

What's new in v2.2.1

Released: September 2, 2020

  • Watch Folders: a new automation feature that allows you to deliver packages simply by copying them to a dedicated folder on your computer without interacting with the app.

  • Fixed issue where file modification dates are not preserved correctly in certain cases.

  • Other minor performance improvements and bug fixes.

What's new in v2.1.7

Released: July 15, 2020

  • Watch Folders: a new automation feature that allows you to deliver packages simply by copying them to a dedicated folder on your computer without interacting with the app. Learn more [here](link to help article).
    Fixed issue where file modification dates are not preserved correctly in certain cases.
    Other minor performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Proper renaming of duplicate files on downloads.

  • Fixed an issue where empty files were not being downloaded.

  • Fixed an issue where long file paths cause download errors on Windows 10 in certain cases.

  • Show more appropriate error messages when disk I/O operations fail.

  • Fixed slow app start when network connection is unstable.

  • Fixed an issue where changing upload type from email to links still sends out emails if the field was populated.

What's new in v2.1.4

Released: July 7, 2020

  • Fixed issue where the app fails to start on Windows 7.

  • Fixed a Glitch in the Matrix.

What's new in v2.1.3

Released: June 30, 2020

  • Fixed issue where custom access limit is not enforced for new uploads.

  • Pause/Resume all button now disappears when there are no active transfers.

  • Error messages wrap around for better readability.

  • Delete/cancel button doesn't stay highlighted after removing a transfer.

  • Fixed issue when loading the app for the first time causes an error message to show up and speed limit state not being reflect correctly.

  • Fixed issue where empty folder structures were not being preserved for some uploads.

What's new in v2.1.0
Released: June 10, 2020

  • Ability to set upload and download speed limits in order to preserve shared network bandwidth.

  • Proper permission handling for members, admins, and owners.

  • 'Pause/resume all transfers' buttons for convenience.

  • Enable/disable and edit automation buttons.

  • Forgot password and sign up workflows have been baked in the app.

  • The app will save recipients' emails and will show you in a drop-down during your next transfer.

  • Date column to help you sort transfers and find the most recent delivery.

What's new in v2.0.4
Released: May 20, 2020

  • Added the ability to sign in with Google.

What's new in v2.0.3
Released: April 17, 2020

  • Fixed issue that caused some uploads to fail on windows due to false positives of files changing while in flight.

  • Removed "Delete all files" option when deleting downloads as it might cause unintended loss of data. Downloaded files have to be deleted manually for now.

  • More detailed error messages to help our support team further investigate any potential issues.

  • Minor bug fixes and UI enhancements.

What's New in v2.0.2
Released: April 9, 2020

  • Fixed the download issue for packages that have certain special characters in the name.

  • Improved stability and minor bug fixes for Windows and Mac.

What's New in v2.0.1
Released: April 8, 2020

  • First general availability release of MASV app! For beta users, please do not install this version until you make sure all your transfers are complete, as this version will reset all the app data upon running the first time, due to recent database changes to improve performance and reliability.

  • Dark theme, enabled by default for systems running in dark mode. Theme-options can be configured in the Settings menu.

  • Showing appropriate error code when downloads error out due to insufficient disk space.

  • Automation checks every 5 min (instead of 10s).

  • Fixed Cmd+Tab behaviour on mac not activating the app if the window was closed.

  • Removed incomplete Portuguese (BR) translation, for now.

What's New in Public Beta v1.9.12
Released: March 24, 2020

  • Better bandwidth utilization for simultaneous upload and download.

  • Auto-update will block the app and show the download progress.

  • Drag & drop won't activate if the user is on download, settings or automation dialogue box.

  • Notifications won't stack up anymore, only one will be displayed at a time.

  • Recipient email field now supports space, comma, and semicolon separation.

  • Recipient email field: pressing tab while and email is being typed will register the email correctly.

  • Recipient email field: pasting a comma separate list of emails will create tags properly. Emails can be separated by a space, comma or semicolon.

  • A maximum recipient check is enforced on the send package form.

  • When sending a package to the Portal, the logged-in user's email will be used by default in the sender's email field.

  • Portal name and logo with branding colour will be displayed on 'Upload to Portal' form

  • Colourized progress bars based on status, along with textual progress and status.

  • Changing 'Send package' options and hiding the fields will still pass the options to the backend.

What's New in Public Beta v0.9.2
MASV Desktop app (Beta) offers time-saving features including:

  • Resilient transfer performance: MASV Desktop gives you an unparalleled level of transfer resilience. Whether you close your laptop, accidentally unplug a drive, lose wifi or innumerable other scenarios, MASV Desktop will relentlessly power your transfers forward when your connectivity returns.

  • Continuous retry: Networks bog down. It happens. Whether it’s a problem with your local connection, a problem with the recipient’s, or an issue out in the Cloud, MASV Desktop won’t bat an eye--it will continuously attempt to send every packet of your transfer until it hits the destination.

  • Drag and Drop Simplicity: Grab individual files or complete folders and drag to the app for quick and easy content selection. Click next, add your recipient info, then send. Simple.

  • Support for MASV Teams: Most users of MASV use Teams. A MASV Team provides easy user-management, especially if you are working on multiple projects and production crews. Teams let you invite members to your MASV team and give them permission to access transfers. MASV Desktop allows you to define which team your transfer belongs to. To define new teams, set roles or restrictions or monitor billing and usage, use the MASV web client at

  • Faster, zip-free transfer: offers the unique ability to send complete folders, retaining folder structure even when sending 100s of thousands of files. Downloading from the browser means you need time and sufficient swap space on your hard disk to allow unpacking of the .zip archive generates. For many this is fine, but for those of us with perpetually full hard drives, it can be a hassle.

    MASV Desktop sends folders zip-free. Simply ensure both sender and recipient is using the app, and your large folders will transfer faster, with no unzipping required.

  • Extreme speeds that don't kill your network: You’ll find a lot of claims about who has the fastest transfers. If you try MASV Desktop you’ll quickly learn the truth: MASV delivers huge transfers faster and more reliably than the competition. Even better, MASV’s proprietary acceleration technology means we send your content fast, without hogging the network; you and your team won’t need to trade a slow, congested network in one application for blazing transfer speed. With MASV, you get both.

  • Coming Soon! Resume: In addition to retrying your transfer through network issues, the MASV Desktop will resume after experiencing an issue on your PC. Did your battery die? Did your kid yank a network cable? Did you close your laptop and go home for dinner? Through all of these and more, MASV Desktop will resume your transfer after a disruption. Will it resume if you throw your laptop in the lake? If your laptop survives--yes.

  • Future Updates: Watch folders and download management are just two of the features on our roadmap -- do you want to see something else? Send us feedback via our form.

Please download MASV Desktop and try it out, then tell us how it works for you! We think you’ll find it just as convenient as the browser, but with the potential to send even bigger files with superior speed and reliability. We’re especially keen to hear how it works for you on 1TB+ files and folders with thousands+ components.


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