I am having issues when unzipping my package.

Issues when unzipping my package

If you are running into issues unzipping your package, it may be related to one of three issues:

  1. You are using a third-party unzipping tool (i.e. iZip Unarchiver)

  2. You do not have enough storage space on your computer to download the file.

  3. The sender pre-zipped the file before sending it with MASV.

We have heard some complaints about iZip unarchiver not being able to unzip packages properly, which results in corrupt packages. We, therefore, recommend using the default unarchiving utility which your Windows/macOS has.

If you do not have enough space on your hard drive you will be unable to complete the unzipping process until you create enough storage space on your computer.

We advise senders not to pre-zip their files because zips are not cross-platform compatible; for example, if you zip a file on a MAC and send it to a recipient who has a Windows machine then it will not work/open.  MASV automatically creates cross-platform zips after the sender has finished uploading their files, so please leave the zipping to us!