How to install the MASV Adobe Premiere Pro Panel

How to install the MASV Extension and add the MASV Panel to your Premiere Pro interface

Follow these steps to install the MASV Premiere Pro Panel:

  1. Log in to the Adobe Exchange website 

  2. Select the Creative Cloud Exchange, and search for MASV

  3. Select the Free button.

  4. Log in to Premiere Pro, navigate to Windows, then Extensions, then select MASV Panel.

When you select the MASV extension, the MASV Panel will be added to the Premiere Pro interface, and will prompt you to sign in using your MASV credentials.  

If you haven't created a MASV Account, you will need to click the Sign-up button on the Panel to create one.  Once created, you will use the same credentials to log in to the MASV Panel.