How to avoid upload issues?

Uploader's can take steps to improve the delivery experience

There are a few steps that uploaders can take to help them avoid upload failures and maximize performance.

These steps include:

  1. Turn off the sleep function on your computer.

  2. Use a hard-wired internet connection instead of a wifi connection. 

  3. Use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox.

  4. Make sure your computer is plugged in to a power source.

  5. Do not run compute-intensive tasks while uploading files (ex. rendering a video).

  6. Do not pre-zip your files because zips are not cross-platform compatible; for example, if you zip a file on a MAC and send it to a recipient who has a Windows machine then it will not work/open.  MASV automatically creates cross-platform zips after the sender has finished uploading their files, so please leave the zipping to us!

You can still upload files without taking the above steps, but not properly configuring your system may lead to an upload not completing.