How do I automatically receive a Portal delivery?

Information regarding MASV Automations

MASV Automations currently supports Portals i.e. it will intelligently download any delivery sent to your specified Portal(s). This feature is useful if you are expecting multiple deliveries from people in different time zones and want all of them to be downloaded and be ready for your work. to set up a Portal Automation, click the Manage Automations button (robot icon) in the app.

In the pop-up menu, click the New automation button and fill the following fields:

Automation name
Useful for you to set a name for the automation. For example, the project's name or the client's name.

The name of the Team from which you want to select the Portal.

The list of Portals available to you in that Team.

Destination Folder
Place where you want your files to be downloaded automatically.

Download packages starting from

This is the timestamp we look for, for when we will start downloading packages that have been uploaded into a Portal. Ideally, you will want to create this Automation immediately after a Portal has been created. If you create this Automation for an existing Portal, please be aware that the timestamp you select will only download files that have not yet been created. If you are unsure, just set the date to minus 1 day from when you expect people to start uploading.

That's it! Hit the Create button and you are good to go! MASV app will download the deliveries on your computer as soon as they are uploaded to the Portals with Automation set on them.

Once the package is downloaded to your computer, it will be shown on the dashboard.