How to send entire Project Files with the Adobe Premiere Panel

Sending your files from within Adobe Premiere using MASV

Watch the video or follow the steps below if you would like to learn how to send entire Adobe Premiere project files with the MASV Panel.  To do this navigate to the project that you would like to send, and select Add Project, and you’ll see that your project is automatically added to your MASV Panel.:

  1. Navigate to the Premiere Pro project you want to send to your recipient and select Add Project button. The Panel locates and adds all the project files, source materials and assets along with metadata.

  2. Enter the email addresses’ of your recipients, a package name and message, and enter a password if you want to protect the content. 

  3. Select the Upload and Send button.

  4.  When your recipient downloads and opens the Project they can begin editing the files right from where you left off.